Need a hand managing strong emotions and regulating your mood? Do you need support in stopping an unhelpful behaviour? Would you like a toolbox of coping skills to better manage distress and your relationships?

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) was created initially to support people with Borderline Personality Disorder, substance abuse, self-harm or suicidality to better manage their intense emotions, reduce unwanted or harmful behaviours, and provide them with coping skills to improve their quality of life. Over time, it’s become clear that these skills can be useful for anyone who struggles with emotional regulation, impulsivity, and maintaining healthy relationships.

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) im Sydney


The aim of a DBT Skills group is to teach people the core DBT coping skills so they can managetheir emotions, thoughts and behaviour more effectively. The groups are structured, with practical skills and examples discussed in group as well as tasks set for these skills to be practiced between groups so that they can become new habits and routines. If you’re serious about creating change and are willing to put in the work to create the life you want, this is the group for you!

What to Expect?

Over the ten weeks, participants will learn four different skill sets; Mindfulness, Distress
Tolerance, Emotional Regulation & Interpersonal Effectiveness. The groups do not require
extensive sharing of history and personal life like in other therapy groups. The focus is
psycho-education and an open discussion of the current behaviours and emotions participants
are struggling with and how participants are going learning and applying the skills discussed.

Group Format

The DBT SKills Group is run by Sarah Bays, experienced counsellor and psychotherapist and
certified DBT practitioner. The group is held weekly and runs for ten weeks. Each session goes for two hours and has a strict start and finish time to ensure the most can be made of the content. Participants are to commit to the full ten weeks, to attempting all of the skills learnt and tasks provided, and to practicing the skills between sessions.
Groups are capped at ten participants maximum and can be held online via zoom or in person in
the Crows Nest rooms depending on participant numbers and mode of preference. There is a
waitlist for people who wish to join a group to get contacted as priority when dates for the next
group become available.

What’s Included?

DBT Skills Group: Full payment required upfront to secure your spot in the group.
This includes;

– 10 x weekly 2 hour group sessions

– A DBT Skills Group Handbook which includes all of the skills learnt throughout
the 10 weeks as well as worksheets to support tracking of emotions, behaviours
and progress once the group is complete.

– A free 30 minute check in/follow up via phone or zoom 2 weeks after finishing the group.

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