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Is creating a positive and connected workplace culture important to you? Do you want your employees to feel supported, motivated & fulfilled? Would you like to optimise your team’s productivity and cohesion?

Workplace mental health and morale directly impact productivity and performance! Prioritising your staff’s wellbeing creates a positive culture and environment in your workplace. It also results in increased staff retention, motivation, and focus, and improves workplace relationships and communication. Motivated Minds provides the following corporate services to support workplace mental health and wellbeing in a holistic, trauma informed and client centred manner;

therapeutic corporate services


For staff struggling with mental health, emotional regulation, difficulty coping, issues in their
personal life impacting their work, communication, bullying, grief, domestic violence, harmful behaviors, substance abuse, transitions eg. maternity leave or role changes, self esteem etc.

(Provided on site in your offices if preferred, in my rooms in Crows Nest or via Zoom)


For staff who’ve lost motivation and direction. Or for those who struggle with procrastination,
effective time management, organisation and prioritising and delivering on deadlines. Coaching
sessions provide staff with the tools and skills to improve performance, remove any blocks, learn
effective goal setting, and reinvigorate their drive!

(Provided on site in your offices if preferred, in my rooms in Crows Nest or via Zoom)


To support staff in managing conflict and working towards resolution. Three session minimum
to allow for 1 x individual session with both staff involved in the conflict followed by 1 x joint
session to facilitate conversation mediating the way forward.

(Provided on site in your offices if preferred, in my rooms in Crows Nest or via Zoom)

Workplace Wellness Group

Group sessions where your staff can reflect, reset and learn new skills to support their ongoing
wellbeing and performance. Group topics can be tailored based on your workplace needs. Eg.
Self care, mindfulness, focus, burn out, goal setting, stress management, communication,
change, removing performance blocks, conflict, motivation, positive work environment etc

(Held on site in your offices)

Corporate Bootcamp

A mixture of cardio, resistance and strength circuit training. All fitness levels welcome!

(Location to be negotiated depending on office facilities & proximity to local parks)

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