Counselling & Psychotherapy

Do you feel like you just need a space to talk some things through? Are you wanting to improve the quality of your relationships? Do you want to get clear around a big decision or your next steps in life?

Counselling & psychotherapy is for everyone! It’s a safe and non-judgemental place to talk about the things that have been on your mind, and work out what’s the best way forward for you.


Individual Counselling

You might be in the middle of a difficult situation, worried about your mental health, stressed about work or having trouble in your relationships. You could be struggling with addiction or an unhelpful behaviour you’d like to stop, or finding it hard to manage your emotions and moods. You could be on a journey of self-discovery and interested in building self-awareness and learning the patterns and themes you find repeating in your life.

You have the option of having your session in the counselling rooms in Crows Nest, via zoom, or as a Walk & Talk if you prefer a more casual setting where you can also get your steps for the day in!

Couples Counselling

Couples therapy isn’t just for couples who are on the rocks! Couples therapy is for couples at all stages in their relationship and can also be great for building solid foundations and addressing little bumps in the road before they become big issues. Couples counselling provides a confidential space for couples to learn how to improve their communication, manage conflict better, increase intimacy, solve problems, stop repeating old patterns, manage change, or increase connection. Couples therapy can be provided in the counselling rooms in Crows Nest or via zoom.

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