the mission

My mission is to provide a flexible, personalised and holistic service that supports you to improve your health inside and out!

I understand that every person has different needs when it comes to therapy. If you’re ready to take the leap, together we can work out the method that’s the best fit for you to achieve your goals.

Counselling and Psychotherapy

The concept

Over the last eight years of my work as a mental health professional, I found that when provided the option, clients preferred to have sessions outside in the sun.

Those who walked while they chatted said they found it to be a more laid back way of having therapy. Others were really keen to get fit too but felt uncomfortable about joining a gym or getting a personal trainer.

I couldn’t find any services that offered someone who was qualified in both mental health and personal training. It was one or the other. I decided to address this gap in the therapeutic services offered in Sydney and created Motivated Minds as a space where your therapist and personal trainer is the same person, saving you time, money and energy!

A little about me  –  Sarah Bays 

I love empowering clients to create the life they want!

I’m a qualified and experienced counsellor and psychotherapist, a certified Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) practitioner, as well as a personal trainer. 

I use a client-led, trauma-informed approach and see therapy as a collaborative process where I meet clients where they’re at and work at their pace.

The therapy space I create is non-judgemental, relaxed and compassionate. I provide an inclusive service and welcome those from all walks of life. I’m kind and encouraging but also direct, and support in a solution-focused manner. I love to laugh but I also like that sense of achievement that comes with making progress and reaching goals. 

Memberships: PACFA (clinical member), Evergreen (DBT Certified), and AusActive.

Qualifications: BAppSocSc(Couns) & Cert IV Fitness

Body and mind connection

Research shows that mental health strongly impacts physical wellbeing and vice versa

When our mental health is at it’s best, we see a decline in any physical problems and illnesses. Just as when our physical health is at it’s optimum level, we see an improvement in mood and sleep, and a decline in stress levels and mental health symptoms.

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There are extensive studies which show that trauma is stored in the body. By supporting you to connect the dots between your physical and mental health, we increase your chances of achieving your goals and improving your wellbeing in a shorter time frame than non-holistic therapeutic approaches.

Bessel van der Kolk MD: world-renowned psychiatrist, author and researcher specializing in trauma and PTSD. He revolutionized the way we treat trauma and PTSD by recommending therapeutic approaches which focus on the mind and body connection, movement and expression. 

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An article discussing some of Dr. Bruce Perry’s work regarding somatic approaches to healing, and how the body and brain are best treated in sync with each other.

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Watch this short video of Dr. Bruce Perry, a highly revered psychiatrist and author. The impact of stress on the body.

Books to read:
The Body Keeps the Score – Bessel van der Kolk
The Boy who was Raised as a Dog – Bruce Perry
The Body Remembers – Babette Rothschild

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